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Monday, May 08, 2017

Union County Special Olympics

The men from Stegall Home competed in the Union County Special Olympic Spring Games on Friday, April 28th at Forest Hills High School.  It was a sunny and very hot day!  The events kicked off with Sedrick singing the National Anthem and then the games began!  Ronnie won gold for his 50M Walk, and silver in the softball throw.  Mike won bronze in the softball throw and he wasn't able to walk due to a sprained ankle.  Sedrick won gold in the 50M wheelchair race, and came in fifth for the softball throw.  Carey won silver in the 50M walk, and silver in the softball throw.  David won the gold for the 100M and 200M run.  Billy won silver for the 25M run and bronze for the softball throw.  We wore medals, sunburns, and tired but happy smiles home!  

Posted by Marshville on 05/08 at 07:10 PM