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Friday, March 05, 2010

Joy Cove’s Sweetheart

image One of our Lindsay Home residents recently competed in High Country Pageant's "Miss Sweetheart Pageant" and was crowned Queen of the (Special Populations) Adult Miss High Country Sweetheart division. Susan wore a green evening gown for the competition and prepared a cheerleading dance for the talent portion of the pageant. Her smile lit up the auditorium and all our hearts when she was announced Queen of her division and the crown was placed on her head. Susan is a cheerleader for Special Olympics and competes in statewide competitions. Lindsay Home is very proud of Susan who enjoyed the pageant and the victory celebration.
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Alpine Special Olympic Games 2010

image Catlin, a resident of Joy Cove's Lindsay Home participated in the Alpine Special Olympic Games in January. Catlin participated in the Alpine Slalom and won a bronze medal. Everyone is very proud of Catlin who has participated in Special Olympics for 16 years since the age of 8 and has participated in skiing, swimming, basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, track and field, bowling, cycling, and cheerleading. She was a member of Team USA at the Special Olympics World Games in Idaho in 2009 where she competed in Alpine Skiing and won a bronze medal.
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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Linda’s Second Chance

image When Linda first came to live at Lindsay Home, she was 57 years old, overweight with graying hair, and rather timid. She had always stayed at home and taken care of her brother and had never had a job or much of a social life. She began working at a local work shop and quickly began to make friends with her housemates as well as with her co-workers at the work shop. Through Lindsay Home's exercise program at the local Wellness Center, Linda began to exercise regularly and decided she wanted to lose some weight. She received education on healthy eating at the group home and began to decrease her portion sizes and make healthier food choices. As she began to make friends, lose weight, and do fun activities, Linda began to blossom. She did so well in her work at the work shop that she moved into the Supported Employment program there and was offered a job at a local restaurant. She accepted the job and has done so well that she has become an indispensable employee and has already received a pay increase. She has lost 22 pounds and bought a complete new wardrobe, colored her hair and now participates in Special Olympics bocce, basketball, volleyball and bowling. Linda is known as "Sunshine" by her co-workers because she always has a smile on her face and a sunny disposition. Because she has done so well in her job, Linda has been able to not only buy a new wardrobe, but also a TV for her room, a DVD/VCR player, an IPOD, a birth stone ring she had always wanted, and many other things she never thought she would have. Linda is a true Lindsay Home success story.
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Catlin’s Gratitude

image The girls from Lindsay Home attended services at Union Baptist Church in Zionville on 10/18/09 to hear a speaker from Baptist Children's Homes. They proudly stood as they were recognized as a part of Baptist Children's Homes. When asked if they had anything they would like to say, staff were surprised when Catlin began to talk about how grateful she was for Lindsay Home, how loving the staff are to her, how the staff protect her and look out for her safety and best interests, how she gets to do things that she would never be able to do if not for Lindsay Home, and how proud she is to be a part of Baptist Children's Homes. Everyone had tears in their eyes at Catlin's words, and not least of all the Lindsay Home staff whose hearts swelled with pride, love, and appreciation for "their girl".
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Bringing Home the Silver

Linda from Lindsay Home brought home a silver medal from the Special Olympics bocce tournament in Charlotte on 10/24/09. This was Linda's first tournament and she is very proud of her success and her medal. Congratulations Linda!
Posted by Zionville on 11/04 at 03:06 PM

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