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Friday, April 13, 2018

Lee County Arts Council Hosts Day Program

The Lee County Arts Council hosted a class just for the residents in our DDM Day Program. LCAC supports art appreciation and artistic expression for each member of the community who is interested in participating in Lee County's thriving art world. The ladies of Lanier, along with Mercer Home, had the ooportunity to enjoy a private  class where they created beautiful watercolor paintings. Many of our residents enjoy art and all were excited to learn about different techniques of painting. Our Day Program uses field trips and outings in the community to encourage inclusion and participation of our residents. A special thank -you goes out to our Day Program Instructors for planning the event and encouraging the residents to try something new!


Two residents explore their art talents by using markers and paints to create masterpieces.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Lanier Attends Night to Shine

Lanier and Mercer homes had the amazing opportunity to attend the Night to Shine Prom sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. For one night, the ladies wore beautiful formal gowns and got all dolled up for their very own prom night. They enjoyed professional photography, karaoke, limousine rides, and of course, dancing! Life Springs Church (formerly San-Lee Chapel) played a huge part in helping us to prepare for this special evening, along with numerous other members of the community. This is an annual event that we look forward to attending each year.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

An Amazing Weekend

The Lanier Ladies and Mercer Men had an unforgettable weekend making memories that will surely last a life time, not only for them but for the many, many people that experienced the joy of Christmas at Lanier and Mercer’s Christmas Open House. The Christmas Celebration started with an exchange of Gifts on Friday and preparing for the Open House by making cookies and other goodies on Saturday. One thing for sure, “The Sanford’s BCH really knows how to Party!” Sanford Christmas Open House 2016 - 1Sanford Christmas Open House 2016 - 2Sanford Christmas Open House 2016 - 3Sanford Christmas Open House 2016 - 4Sanford Christmas Open House 2016 - 5Sanford Christmas Open House 2016 - 6Sanford Christmas Open House 2016 - 7Sanford Christmas Open House 2016 - 8Sanford Christmas Open House 2016 - 9Sanford Christmas Open House 2016 - 10
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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lanier Christmas Tree Decorating

The ladies from Lanier truly shared laughter and joy as they decorated their Christmas Tree. As they placed each ornament on the tree they were able to share precious memories of many Christmas’ in the past. Lanier Christmas Tree Decorating 2016 -1
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Asheboro Salvation Army Christmas Distribution

Lanier Ladies and Mercer Men were able to rest very well Sunday Night after spending a very, very busy day at The Salvation Army in Asheboro. They were able to spend a full day visiting over 500 Nursing Home Residents in Asheboro distributing Christmas Gifts provided by The Salvation Army of Asheboro. They made many, many new friends and were able to share the love of Jesus as we wished them Merry Christmas and shared hugs and laughter. As we walked many hallways we really realized what the “S”s on The Salvation Army Uniform stood for, “Save-to-Serve” and it was a wonderful Blessing for Sanford’s Baptist Children’s Homes to be able to serve with our “sisters and brothers” from The Salvation Army of Asheboro. Asheboro Salvation Army Christmas Distribution 2016 - 1Asheboro Salvation Army Christmas Distribution 2016 - 2Asheboro Salvation Army Christmas Distribution 2016 - 3
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