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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Fall is here. One thing that the boys have taught me at this home is what it means to have a “child-like faith.” I think we take life too seriously at times and forget to enjoy the things that God created for us to enjoy and to worship Him through that. Last week the boys and I went on a leaf hunt… who could find the brightest, prettiest, and most unique leaves… At one point the boys stopped and said, ‘isn’t God amazing for making these leaves.” I drive by trees everyday on my way to work and I step on leaves as I walk to get to the places I “need” to go. It took the heart of these boys to point out to me that they are a gift from God. “SELAH” is repeated frequently throughout the Psalms, it means pause or be still. I think that is what the Psalmist had in mind when reflecting the heart of the Father, “be still and know that I am God.” The boys at Alverta Bolick constantly remind people what it means to appreciate and worship God for the little things. We ended our time by closing our eyes and hearing the sound of the leaves beneath our feet. We made imprints of the leaves by putting them under paper and coloring so the leaf would show up on the paper. The boys talked about how each leaf is different but beautiful in its own way just like God’s people on earth. I am honored to be a witness to the “Selah” moments that the boys remind me of daily. You’ve heard it said to “stop and smell the flowers”, we like to say “stop and enjoy the leaves.”
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Monday, November 09, 2009

Ralph’s Sweet Words about Our Home…

Alverta Bolick is a very good home to me. I want to thank the Lord for what He did for us, I know He will always be here for my friends and I at Alverta Bolick. God will always do what He says He will do and He loves all of us everyday in the same way. God loves me and gave me all my friends and staff here: Russell, Matthew, Bobby, Rob, Alex; Gail, Stefanie, Lee, and Marissa... they are all angels to me at the place I am glad to call my home. From Your Good Friend, Ralph, 53, Resident at Alverta Bolick
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Wish From Rob…

My wish for you all is keep Jesus in your heart because it is important to you. Sincerely, Rob
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Bolick Believers soar at Special Olympics State Games - October 24, 2009

Three residents from the Alverta Bolick Home participated in Special Olympics bocce ball state games on Saturday, October 24. In the pouring down rain, we prayed for safety during the event. The teammates and volunteers got quite soggy while performing and recording the scores. Ralph and Stefanie bonded in prayer for God to bring sunshine to the field that day after attempting to eat lunch with one hand while struggling to hold an umbrella in the other hand. Within 30 seconds after the close of the prayer, the rain instantly stopped and the sunshine broke through the clouds! What an awesome testament to our faith! The Bolick Believers were great achievers! Rob brought home a gold medal! Alex and Ralph both won 4th place in their divisions! Way to go guys!
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Fingerprints of God…

“God answers prayer,” said Ralph, in a strong, matter-of-fact voice. Ralph has discovered what it means to be a child of God and thanks Rob, a resident at Alverta Bolick, for leading Him to Christ. Ralph says, “I can talk to God about anything and He is the number one person in my life.” There is no doubt that Alverta Bolick Home is a place where the spirit of God dwells. He is seen daily in the lives of the six residents who reside here. He is seen through the kind words of Alex, who says his motto in life is “to be thankful always!” Heaven rejoices as Rob screams a victory chant and smiles big as he accepts his gold medal at Special Olympics. The smile of God is witnessed through Bobby, who lays his hand on his friend who is sick and prays, “Jesus…Russell…amen.” The boys at Alverta Bolick have servant hearts, Russell volunteers at a local nursing home, visiting the residents and pushing their wheelchairs while making them feel special. Who could forget Matthew's smile and laughter that fills our home with jubilation. The residents at Alverta Bolick all agree that in this home they have discovered true friends, who love and accept them, and the joy of fellowship. They live out what it means to “rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.” Whenever someone needs prayer they all come together and believe on behalf of one another with the most real, child-like faith that is music to their Savior’s ear. The other week we did a bible study titled, “you are special.” Each resident went around and told one another what they loved about each other and the ways God made them special. The residents at Alverta Home are all different, but special in their own way, reflecting the fingerprints of God. Some think of church as a building with a steeple, a sanctuary with pews, or a pulpit with a preacher. I believe church is the body of Christ and the place where God dwells, he dwells in the lives of those here at Alverta Bolick and I can hear heaven rejoicing over this home.
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