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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Service In Aktion

Aktion ClubAktion ClubAktion ClubAktion ClubAktion ClubAktion ClubAktion Club The women of the Asheboro Home have become members of the Aktion Club in Asheboro, NC. The Aktion Club is a service leadership program of Kiwanis International. Aktion Club members learn by doing, working together to make a difference in the world around them, become leaders in their communities, and experience fun and fellowship by serving others. One of the service projects of the Aktion Club is purchasing school supplies to fill 50 book bags for children to start the new school year off right. See the women of the Asheboro Home in Aktion working together with friends as they filled the book bags with school supplies that each club member purchased to make sure that children going back to school had enough supplies to start school.
Posted by Asheboro on 08/21 at 09:24 AM