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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Saturday Fun

ZooZooZooZooZooZooZooZooZooZooZooZooZooZooZoo The women of the Asheboro Home had a Saturday full of fun. They visited the NC Zoo and learned about Great Apes. The women of the Asheboro Home learned some interesting facts about Great Apes such as the upper body strength of an adult gorilla or chimpanzee is estimated to be six to eight times more powerful than an adult human. The women of Asheboro Home also learned that although chimps and gorillas usually walk on their knuckles while on the ground, they can also walk on two legs like humans. The women of the Asheboro Home also attended the Family Fun Festival sponsored by Asheboro Friends Meeting. A family fun day filled with popcorn, snow cones, illusion show, moon bounces, slides, games, puppet show, and the Good News Express.
Posted by Asheboro on 09/17 at 09:41 AM