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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Di’lishi Gives Back

Asheboro Home was chosen to be one of three contenders for the first quarter giveback for nonprofit organizations/agencies sponsored through Di’lishi Frozen Yogurt Bar Giving Back Program. Because of the contributions made by persons in the community which involved patrons coming into Di'lishi to order frozen yogurt with the toppings of their choice and using a voting spoon to cast their vote for the contender of their choice, Asheboro Home came in first place. Di'lishi Frozen Yogurt Giving Back Program: Trademarked fro yo'self into our community giveback program, At the end of each quarter, first ($500), second ($300), and third ($200) place cash awards are presented to three charities. Di'lishi is delighted to be able to give back to the community in this way. Di'lishi Gives Back
Posted by Asheboro on 05/08 at 12:00 PM