About Our Ministry

Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina first established the Developmental Disabilities Ministry in 2000. Having provided residential services to aid children and families since 1885, Baptist Children’s Homes determined there was a great need to provide homes for developmentally disabled adults across the state. The Developmental Disabilities Ministry not only offers group home services for special needs adults, but it provides peace of mind for their families assuring them their loved ones are cared for in a safe, family environment.

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Residential Application Process: To be eligible for consideration in a DDM group home, the applicant must have been approved for residential placement through the Single Portal process in their Mental Health Center. Placement decisions are made in the best interest of the applicant and the desired facility. There are certain behavioral and medical needs that the DDM program is not equipped to serve. Lifetime contracts are not offered. DDM complies fully with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. All BCH facilities are alcohol and smoke free environments.

To receive an application, contact the DDM administration office at 336-474-1261 or at 336-474-1245 or download it below.

Admission Criteria: Only legal residents of North Carolina are considered for placement.

Applicants must:

  1. be at least 18 years of age
  2. have developmental disability diagnosis
  3. be ambulatory or able to self-transfer
  4. have or can develop self-help skills
  5. be free of any contagious or communicable disease
  6. be free from alcohol and/or drug addiction
  7. provide the facility with any past psychological, medical evaluation and social history
  8. capable of participating in a day program or job placement

Click here to download a Residential Application (Microsoft Word)
Click here to view the Photographic DDM Walkthrough (pdf format)
Click here to view the DDM Information Sheet (pdf format)